GJC Grading


Due to the variety of seconds available at GJC Furniture it is recommended products are viewed before purchase.  The majority of the furniture that we sell are graded as A1 standard.

What is a Grade A1 Product?

A Grade A1 product is nearly brand new. Sometimes the box may have not been opened, it could have been as simple as, the customer has changed their mind, or a refused delivery. It is worth bearing in mind that just because the item has been returned, it does not necessarily mean that product is faulty. It could be that the customer may not have liked the colour and then the product was returned to us.

This also includes 'clearance items' where a large company has discontinued a range and then sell off their remaining stock at a discounted rate.

What is a Grade A2 Product?

A Grade A2 product may have some minor scuffs and scrapes.  GJC have 15 years’ experience in putting these problems right and most people still struggle to find where the item has been repaired. The item may still have one or two small marks in the wood or paint.

What is a Grade A3 Product?

A Grade A3 product has more visible marks or discolouration. This product would still be in full working order, usually sold at a very low discounted rate dependant on the extent of damage.